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Lake Almanor, California (Plumas Co.)
Interesting Things To Do

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Interesting Things To Do
Dyer Mt.
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This page presents some examples of interesting things to do in the Lake Almanor area.

Perimeter Road, Cook Mt.

The perimeter road on "Cook Mt." with good snow for snowmobiling. Feb. 2001

It is also a good OHV road in the summer and fall with good views of the lake, Mt. Lassen, Butt Valley, and mountains all around.

Sunset from a Bike Path viewpoint.

Dyer Mt.

Dyer Mt., Feb. 2001

Dyer Mt. is an impressive feature of the Almanor area. Over 7000 ft. high it gets snow early and keeps it late. A Four Season resort is in the planning stages for the eastern slope of Mt. Dyer and Mountain Meadows area (as of 2000-2001).