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Lake Almanor, California (Plumas Co.)

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Here is a place that is worth visiting, any time of year!

This site will describe some of the places and features of the Lake Almanor area in Plumas County, California.

Lake Almanor is a man-made lake created by damming the North Fork of the Feather River at a location now known as Canyon Dam. It is approx. seven miles wide by 15 miles long with an area of approx. 65 sq. miles. The lake has roughly a "U" shape with the Almanor Penisula projecting into it from the north.

It was originally built by the Great Western Power Co. to provide a source of water for a hydroelectric generation plant built in the Butt Valley approximately 4 mi. to the west. The water transits a tunnel and penstocks in getting to the plant. The Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) bought the facility in (tbd) and has operated it since that time. The Butt Valley powerhouse is the first in a series of seven owned and operated by the PG&E that utilize the Feather River watershed.

More information on the lake will be provide on subsequent pages.

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Mt. Lassen

This is a view of Mt. Lassen Peak and its neighbors from Lake Almanor (vicinity of Prattville). Mt. Lassen is the centerpiece of Lassen Volcanic National Park and is rated as an active volcano due to the fumeroles at areas like The Sulphur Works and Bumpuss Hell that still spew steam and fragrant aromas :-). The Park is approximately 30 mi. distant from the town of Chester via Calif. Hwy 36 and 89.